About Panda Foundation

Our mission is to offer development and learning support to children so they can achieve their full potential, through practices based on scientific evidence, and support for family and mentors (caregivers, teachers and health professionals.

Panda Foundation offers intensive and individualized care for children with development risks or atypical development, and is an innovative Brazilian iniciative based on the most advanced and scientifically effective methods of infant development.

PANDA's work is guided by criteria that reflects what the scientific journals suggest as effective for children with delayed development. Among them, we highlight:

  • Early intervention to reduce development risks;
  • Use of Applied Behavior Analysis as a care model due to the robust set of empirical evidence that proves its effectiveness;
  • Intensive, individualized care, designed so that the child has countless opportunities to practice and develop essential skills for a life integrated into the community;
  • Ongoing teaching and research development.


  • Papelaria Aliadas
  • Panini Panificadora
  • Gráfica São Francisco
  • Tismoo
  • Painew
  • Autismo & Realidade
  • Ativa Brindes
  • movimento do otimismo
  • Grupo Utam
  • supermercado Savegnago
  • Aguas Prata