Our Installations

The spaces are planned for individual and group sessions. The individual sessions are important so that the child acquires the necessary skills in a more structured environment. Although the group work with other colleagues, parents and school is fundamental for the child to generalize the acquired content and use it on a day-to-day basis.

All rooms are equipped with video recording equipment. This allows real-time monitoring of the child, and professional supervision. The treatment filming also allows the parents, caregivers and teachers to observe the child and have the necessary guidance for handling in other environments such as home or school.

We also have a fully equipped classroom and lab for developing teaching technologies.


  • Papelaria Aliadas
  • Panini Panificadora
  • Gráfica São Francisco
  • Tismoo
  • Painew
  • Autismo & Realidade
  • Ativa Brindes
  • movimento do otimismo
  • Grupo Utam
  • supermercado Savegnago
  • Aguas Prata